Q: Can I come take a tour?
A: Yes! We would love the opportunity to show you the building and discuss the details of your event.
Please call us at 608-807-2800 or email
We will make sure we schedule a time with you when we don’t have events taking place in the space that you would like to see. We typically schedule tours from 11am-7pm during the week, and we can often also accommodate tours on Saturdays and occasional weekday evenings.

Q: Can I bring in outside catering?
A: Here at Madison Local Motive we have an open-vendor policy. You are able to bring in any vendor that you would like, including the caterer of your choice. We have a list of recommended vendors that you are welcome to choose from, but we do not require you to use anyone on that list. Please contact us for a list of our recommended vendors.

Q: What kind of clean up am I responsible for?
You are responsible for leaving the venue in a tidy condition which includes hauling garbage to the dumpster, and taking everything you brought in. You are not responsible for sweeping, mopping, or cleaning restrooms.

Q: What is included with each reservation?
A: When you book your wedding or social event at Madison Local Motive, we include all of your event essentials for no extra charge. All wedding or social event reservations include: tables, 30 chairs, audiovisual equipment, setup, takedown, lighting. Corporate reservations include tables, 30 chairs, basic black banquet tablecloths, audiovisual equipment, setup, takedown, microphones and wireless internet.

Q: What audiovisual equipment do you provide and how much does it cost?
A: Our space is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a drop-down screen, built-in HD projector, surround sound, and hook-ups for a laptop or an iPod/MP3 player. All of our audiovisual equipment is included for no extra charge.

Q: Can we come in early to decorate?
A: No, you are allowed access to the space when your rental time block begins. You are expected to include the time it takes in your rental agreement to decorate your space just prior to your guests arriving. When your time block begins, we will have all of the tables, chairs tablecloths and any other additional agreed upon amenities ready for you and your vendors to begin setup at the start of your rental time.

Q: What hotels accommodate nearby?
A: There are a number of great hotel accommodations within walking distance of Madison Local Motive. Please contact us for a list of our hotels.

Q: Are we a same sex friendly venue?
A: The Venue is proud to support and welcome love in all forms. We believe in a love that does not discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or any other factor. At The Venue, the GLBTQ community will find friends, safety, respect, and joy.

Q: Is there parking on site?
A: Since we are located in the heart of downtown Madison, we have parking on site shared with other business which are served on a first come first basis. However, we do have access to reserve private parking that is within walking distance to the venue. We can reserve parking spaces for $15.00 per space. Pricing is subject to change.

Q: Can I bring in my own alcohol?
A: Beer and wine in bottles and cans is allowed and can be self served. However, if you plan to serve mixed drinks with hard alcohol, a person with a certified bartenders license is required to serve rail drinks by law. A certified copy of the bartending license must be approved and displayed at all times. The sale of alcohol is strickly prohibited by law

Q: Is there internet or Wi-Fi provided on-site?
A: We provide basic WI-FI- password will be given prior to event